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Jochen Weber

Award-winning photographs

Carnaval São Paulo
Carnaval São Paulo - GEO Germany

Príncipe Negro - Nandaysittich
Príncipe Negro - National Geographic, Germany

Rice pita baker - National Geographic / T-Online-

Metrópolis I
Metrópolis I - (Galeria Renot, São Paulo)

Ausstellung "Zu Besuch beim Kakao" am GI Salvador
"A Visit to the  Cocoa" at the Goethe-Institut,
de Bahia

Jama Masjid Mosque, Old Delhi
Jama Masjid Mosque, Old Delhi

Zeremonie zu Ehren des Gottes Shiva,
Virupaksha-Tempel, Pattadakal, Indien

Cacau - Story of a Global Success
22.5. until 20.09.2015
Frankfurt, Palmengarten

Sonderausstellung im Botanischen
Garten Augsburg, 12/2015 - 1/2016

Fátima Moura: Conversas de Cafè
Conversas de Café

Crema Magazin

"Lux in Arcana", Rom
Exhibition "Lux in Arcana, Rome"


Since March 2013 I have been living in Mumbai, India, where I work as a freelance photographer, journalist and photography trainer. My focus is on travel photography and photo documentaries. I started enjoying travelling at an early age, while my passion for photography came later.

After my training as a bookseller at the publishing house, Herder in 1986 in Stuttgart, I worked for several years in the Herder bookstore in Rome. Later, I spent a year on a shrimp farm, Aqua-Tech, in Ecuador. From 1991 to 2008 I worked as a Sales Director at the German publishing houses, Klett and Kohlhammer. After enjoying the experience of several photography workshops and excursions, I attended the photography course "Learn to See" under Volker Schöbel at the Free School of Photography Stuttgart in 2003-2004, which led me to start working on my first own photography projects. In 2009, I moved to São Paulo, Brazil, which marked the beginning of my work as a photographer and journalist.

In addition, another great passion of mine is coffee. For years, I have involved myself to learn more about the theory and practice of coffee. I have even written a book about Brazilian coffee (on cultivation, processing and history) and in São Paulo I did a course titled, "Classification and Tasting of Coffee". Recently, in Rome, I completed a Barista course (SCAE). See further information below the coffee book.

  • Uma visita ao café  (A Visit to the Coffee, about Coffee in Brazil)
  • A Visit to the Cocoa (about Cocoa in Brazil)
  • Zu Besuch beim Tabak (A Visit to the Tobacco, about tobacco in Brazil)
  • Baba Budan and the seven wonder seeds (about Coffee in India)
  • Pushkar Camel Fair (about the largest camel fair in the world)
  • The Indian Barn Owl (about a Barn Owl family in Mumbai)
  • Bhopal - The Second Disaster (about the worst poison gas accident in history)
  • Cago - One day of a Brazilian diamond prospector
  • Lux in Arcana (about the Vatican Secret Archives)
  • In a Sensual Frenzy  (about carnival in São Paulo)
  • Metropolis with a big heart (about the city of São Paulo)
  • Ganesh Chaturthi (about the festival celebrated in honour of the god Ganesha in Mumbai)
  • Beautiful Stranger: Brazil (about Rio, Pantanal, Minas Gerais and São Paulo)
  • Ladakh: Sky is the limit 
  • Em homenagem a Oscar Niemeyer
  • Maria Fumaça: Paranapiacaba, Anhumas and Jaguariúna
  • Geschenke der Götter - Gift of the Gods | Diamanten in Indien
  • Der Atem des Ijen - Schwefelarbeiter in Indonesien
  • Vom Ursprung des Kaffees - Kaffee in Äthiopien

  • Hidden Views with the photo group "Project 1431" in Stuttgart (Rathaus and Wortkino, 2009)
  • Hidden Views, Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery, England, St.Helens (2010)
  • Metrópolis, Galeria Renot Antiques, São Paulo (2010)
  • Metrópolis I, Espaço Arte Galeria, São Paulo (2011),
  • A visit to the cocoa, Goethe Institute Salvador and Cocoa Festival, Itabuna, Bahia (2011)
  • Salão de Chocolate, Salavdor de Bahia, Brazil (2012)
  • Bumblebee Jamboree, Community of Chesterfield in the U.S. state of Virginia (2012)
  • Cacau - Geschichte eines Welterfolgs (Story of a Global Success); Frankfurt, Palmengarten (participation in the exhibition; 5-9/2015)

Photografic excursions
  • National Parks in the southwest of the USA 
  • Imposs!ble India, North India
  • Kerala, South India
  • World Heritage Sites Ellora, Ajanta and Hampi, Pattadakal, Badami, Aihole, India
  • Pamplona - Navarra - La tierra
  • Landscapes of the Pyrenees
  • Colca, Urubamba - Inka! 
  • Paraty - for you! 
  • Trilha da Fé - A pilgrimage in Brazil

Own Photography workshop
  • Photo Course "Learn to see", Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai
  • Photographic group excursions to Elephanta Island 

Magnum Workshop Goa

Books/articles with my photos
  • Metamorfoses do Cacau: Economia, Sociedade, Cultura (ISBN: 978-85-62874-02-4)
  • Schwarz & Kienreich: Coffee FAQ - Questions, answers, Quintessences" (ISBN: 978 -3-200-02496-0)
  • Fátima Moura: Conversas de Café / Talking About Coffee (ISBN: 978-972-8968-67-0)
  • Georg Bernardini, Der Schokoladentester - Die besten Schokoladen und Pralinen der Welt, 2. Auflahe (ISBN 1. Auflage: 978-3-00-039820-9)
    - Aus dem Buch: Leben und Arbeiten auf einer Kakaofarm in Bahia (PDF: 530 KB, Text und Fotos von mir)
  • Smithsonian.com (www.smithsonianmag.com | Arts & Culture => Chocolate Week)
  • German magazine DigitalPhoto (Brazil/Cocoa, issue 08/2014)
  • Crema Magazin - Die Kaffeereportage (1/2016)


References (examples)
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Own books
Reisefotografie erleben


Barista and coffee tasting courses (click to enlarge)

SCAE diploma

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